March 2023

Nike SB is constantly improving its assortment for a diverse community. The current Nike SB Bruin High skate shoe combines a familiar silhouette with an extra slim fit. We have tested the revised model.

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Slimmed down for the perfect fit: the Bruin High skate shoe from Nike SB

Nike SB Bruin High Wear Test

In 2018, Nike already dedicated a model to female skaters with an own size run and specific features. Back then, the high version of the Bruin was very well received. Today, the Nike SB Bruin High is back and caters specifically to skaters with narrow feet.

Nike SB Bruin High Wear Test

Aside from the slightly customized vulcanization, Nike SB has stayed true to the shoe’s original form. A vulc construction with simple look, as well as the T-shaped toe seams and the sawtooth pattern on the lace panel give the Bruin High its characteristic look. The proven Zoom Air insoles provide the necessary amount of cushioning.

Low vs High: The difference to the Nike SB Bruin React

The most obvious difference to the Low version “Bruin React” is the sole or construction. The Bruin React has a thick cup sole with React footbed, the Bruin High has a vulcanized sole and Zoom Air insoles. So in the High you get a little more board feel, in the React more cushioning.

Nike SB Bruin High vs React

That being said, the Bruin React is laced wider, which has to do with the fit. In the Bruin High, the Swoosh is a bit more subtle, resulting in a simpler look.

Fit and size recommendation for Nike SB Bruin High shoes

As already mentioned: the Bruin High is designed for people with narrow feet. Especially at the ball of the foot, the shoe fits very tight and stays like that all the way to the middle of the foot. If you often have problems with tight shoes in these areas, this model is rather not made for you.

Nike SB Bruin High Wear Test

That doesn’t mean you can’t skate or wear the Bruin High. However, you will probably have more fun with another model designed for wide feet – for example, the Nike SB Pogo.

Nike SB Bruin High Wear Test

As for the size, or in this case length of the shoe, you can order the Nike SB Bruin High in your usual size. It is “true to size”. Please note that Nike SB offers the Bruin High only up to shoe size US 10.5 / EU 44.5.

Boardfeel, break in phase, durability – that’s how the Nike SB Bruin High skates

The combination of vulcanized sole and tight fit gives you a very special board feeling in the shoe. However, the shoe needed some time for me to develop its full potential. I had to break it in for a few days at home, as I don’t have the very narrowest feet. The tongue is stabilized by a sock liner, which makes putting the shoes on a bit of a hassle at times, but contributes tremendously to fit and boardfeel.

Once broken in, I almost didn’t want to take the Bruins off. With each session, the shoe became more comfortable. Especially in terms of boardfeel and control, the Bruin High scores strongly. The padding contributes to the stability, which is why I dared to try new tricks without hesitation.

Durability the way you want it – the secret strength of the Bruin High

Although the Nike SB Bruin High does without reinforcements and sophisticated features, I was surprised by the durability of the shoes. The suede upper is very durable and had no significant wear even after weeks. Only after about three months could I see a small Ollie hole on the shoe. However, I have to admit that I have a rather “gentle flick” and my flip trick skills are limited.

Also, after about a month of use the profile of the sole was still in top condition and will still manage more sessions. A small flaw was that the extra vulcanization on the left shoe came off a bit. But since this happened on the inside of the shoe and thus did not bother me, the issue was quickly resolved with a cut of the scissors.


A skate shoe for narrow feet, e.g. ideal for many female skaters – the Nike SB Bruin High does 100 percent justice to this. Do you often struggle with skate shoes that fit too loosely or do you always tighten laces all the way so shoes fit well? Then you have finally found a stylish shoe with a perfect fit in the Bruin High.

In addition, the Bruin as a high version is an absolutely solid skate shoe without frills, which lasts a long time and scores with control and stability. The price is also manageable, which is why I can recommend the Bruin High for people with narrow feet without hesitation.


  • Ideal fit for narrow feet
  • Control & stability
  • Long durability without many features
  • Price


  • Can not be worn by all
  • Size run ends at US 10.5
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This shoe was tested with following setup:

  • Polar Skate Co. 8.125“ deck / skatedeluxe 8″ deck
  • skatedeluxe Blank griptape
  • ACE 33 Classic trucks
  • Spitfire F4 Classic wheels
  • skatedeluxe Titanium bearings
Nike SB Bruin High Wear Test - Test Setup


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