June 2015

We took the “The Taurus” ” shoes under the microscope to investigate and had some sessions with them. Find out its strengths & weaknesses and for what kind of activities you could best use these shoes.


Globe “The Taurus”

Louie Barletta is known for unconventional skating, but also off the board he stands for creative and original ideas. He was actively involved in the design and development process of his latest Globe pro model. One may be curious to see what kind of ideas he could realize together with the design team of Globe. The shoe stands out with its very minimalistic design. Black leather and linen give the shoe a very classy look along with the perforated hole ornaments, which makes it wearable in everyday life or in more formal occasions.

General Fit & Feel

Despite the classy exterior, “The Taurus” also has the features of a classic skate shoe. The vulcanized sole and the insole made of PU foam leave no doubt that it is a fully skateable shoe. A particularly innovative feature of the model lies under the tongue, where an elastic band is incorporated into the shoe. This has an eye-catching leopard print detail that brings the shoe two main advantages: First, it can be worn as a slip-on with no laces if desired, and on the other hand this second tongue makes sure that your feet are always positioned perfectly in the shoe because the elasticity adapts to the foot. For Vulc – shoes, the model also offers a relatively solid and stable feeling and skating with it almost feels like a Cupsole model. But you have enough grip and board feel anyway with these shoes.



The Taurus shines with good durability. They especially feel robust in the toe area. The one-piece processing in this area and wisely placed seam is hardly affected by abrasion. Together with the rugged outsole and the use of suede as an exterior material, results in a thoroughly successful design. The vulcanized sole holds up well thanks to the relatively low profile. However, the laces already look relatively worn after a few sessions, not only in the lowest region, but also equally in all eyelets. Overall, the Taurus is extremely durable, especially for a Vulc model.



The Taurus has a clean and noble look on the exterior. In detail, it appears that the shoe is designed very innovative, especially the elastic sleeve under the tongue is probably unique in the skate shoe business. The superb craftsmanship and design in the toe area provide good durability – only the laces are somewhat exposed.

So there you have it; the results of our Globe “The Taurus” product test of this week. Check out or other product tests on the blog and make the choice of the ultimate skate shoes child’s play!

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