November 2021

With the completely redesigned Skate Classics, Vans took their skateboarding range to the next level. The Vans Wayvee, on the other hand, is a completely new silhouette and it begs the question: is new always better? Our Wayvee Wear review tries to answer that question.

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Redesigned from the ground up: Vans Wayvee

Vans Wayvee Test Review

Vans have combined a lot of their technical features in the Wayvee, making the new model one of the most advanced skate shoes around. The Vans Wafflecup sole serves as the basic framework: a combination of vulcanized and cup sole, which is to combine the best of both worlds.

Vans Wayvee Test Review

Other technologies such as the PopCush insoles, Duracap reinforcements or the LuxLiner sock liner provide durability and boardfeel, as well as support and comfort. The unique lacing promises not only stability, but also that your laces don’t rip so easily.

Vans Wayvee Test Review

First Impression & fit of the Vans Wayvee

Normally, I can wear my regular size in Vans skate shoes. So I was surprised that the Wayvee felt quite tight in the beginning. However, during the first sessions, this was not a problem. I even had a secure board feeling as a result, since the shoes had a snug fit. If you often have problems with tight shoes or rubbing areas, I might advise you to order the Wayvee a half size larger.

Vans Wayvee Test Review
Vans Wayvee Test Review

Performance on the test bench – boardfeel, grip & co. in the Vans Wayvee

Actually, I’ve never been a fan of cupsole shoes and have always preferred the control in vulcanized models. The Vans Wayvee didn’t quite manage to convince me either, but with the Wafflecup sole, Vans manages the balancing act between vulc and cupsole pretty well. If you regularly skate cupsole shoes and want a little more control, the Wayvee might be a good alternative for you.

Vans Wayvee Test Review

After a session or two, a familiar board feel set in for me. In terms of grip, the Wafflecup construction is definitely something to point out. Impact support was also considered in this shoe. Even Primo landings were mostly painless. As far as the cushioning is concerned, the Vans Wayvee finds a good middle ground: not too much and not too little – ideal for skating in my opinion.

New standards – the Vans Wayvee & durability

In terms of durability, Vans have definitely put a lot of thought into the Wayvee. In my opinion, the new team shoe is one of the most durable skate shoes around.

After many sessions and about 20 hours of skating, there was only slight wear in the ollie area of the Vans Wayvee. The outsole hadn’t lost its profile and still offered first-class cushioning and grip.


The Vans Wayvee combines familiar Vans features with a completely new silhouette. The shoe doesn’t make quantum leaps apart from its design, but is all the more impressive with its performance. With all the advantages that the Wayvee brings with it, you should be prepared to first break in the shoe. After that, however, you can look forward to a versatile skate shoe that shines with control, comfort and, above all, durability. Fans of cupsole shoes will get an extra dose of boardfeel with the Wayvee, while vulc lovers looking for more stability will find a new alternative.


  • Exceptional durability
  • Breathable upper
  • Thought-through Vans features


  • Break-in time
  • Tight fit