December 2015

Even though Wreck Wheels is a young company they have a high self-esteem. Or would you say that having the ‘World’s Best Urethane’ is a humble statement? In addition to that, Wreck pushes their image by releasing a video of their abrasion test, leaving all competing companies without a chance. I wanted to know, how the Wreck W2 Wheels prove themselves outside the lab.

Driving Quality

The face behind the company is Darkstar legend Chet Thomas. Chet continues the involvement he had developing wheels at Darkstar to fully concentrate on the high-end segment of the production of skateboard wheels. In Wreck’s case, W2 describes the shape of the wheel. Compared to the W1 Wheels, the W2 Wheels have a wider and convex shape, which is labeled as ‘square-cut’. This is meant to give the wheels more grip and therefore, makes the wheels more controllable. With a durometer of 83B they are comparable to Bone’s Street Tech Formula, still having more grip while keeping their ability to slide seems to make them the perfect wheel for street skating. The high-quality manufacturing resulted in the ability of the wheels to keep their performance and shape throughout the whole test. The self-description states that Wreck Wheels are as well “the world’s most flat spot resistant”. And I can tell that they don’t have to hide behind the big ones like Spitfire’s Formula Four or Bone’s STF. Only the feeling of the wheel lowers the sights. The control at Powerslides and Reverts might be a matter of taste and habit, but for me, it seems that I have had wheels that pleased me more.

Wreck Wheels product test


Wreck Wheels are backed with a lot of know-how which they successfully transferred to their wheels. Allowing this young company to enter the business of skateboard wheels at a high-end sector. Their wheels – made in USA – do not only stand the lab tests but are clearly made for the streets.


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