April 2022

The Nike SB Blazer is without a doubt one of the most popular skate shoes ever. The question is: why? What makes this shoe so popular? We have tested the current Pro model by Grant Taylor for you in detail.

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Nike SB Blazer Low Pro GT Wear Test

You have certainly seen it at several spots or at your “go-to” skatepark: the Blazer Low Pro GT from Nike SB. While many skaters swear by the mid version, the signature shoe of Grant Taylor is the variant for those who prefer a little more freedom of movement. But what makes this skate shoe so special?

Nike SB Blazer Low Pro GT: fit & features

The Blazer Low is definitely one of the slimmer silhouettes in the Nike SB range. You’ll also notice this in the shoe’s fit. Typical for SB skate shoes, the Blazer Low Pro GT is rather narrow. Nevertheless, I had no problems with the shoe – despite my rather wide foot shape.

Nike SB Blazer Low Pro GT Wear Test

Only in the front region you could feel some tightness. However, I skated the shoe in my regular size and would also recommend this to you, if you feel like giving the shoe a try.

The construction of the Nike SB Blazer Low is pretty simple: a vulcanized sole construction with Nike’s Herringbone profile, subtle padding on the ankle hem and tongue, and an insole with a Zoom unit are the cornerstones of the shoe.

Nike SB Blazer Low Pro GT Wear Test

The upper is made of suede and canvas – durability in the front, breathability in the back. The shoe provides a very snug fit by the lace guide with eight eyelets, but more importantly by the wide, elastic tongue straps.

Performance: first sessions in the Nike SB Blazer Low

The Blazer Low is very comfortable fright from the start. On the skateboard, however, the shoe needs a bit time to warm up. Many skaters find that you have to break in Blazers. This also corresponds to my experience. While the boardfeel was quite right, the shoe was a little too stiff for me during the first sessions and I missed some grip. But that may also be due to skating in winter at 2°C.

Nike SB Blazer Low Pro GT Wear Test

When I got used to the shoe, I was immediately aware of what the fuss about the shoe is about: perfect fit, incredible flick and ideal control – that’s how I would sum up the Nike SB Blazer Low in a few words. If your skating has a lot to do with flat ground, flip tricks, ledges, etc., the Blazer Low is without question your shoe!

Top performance, but for how long? The Nike SB Blazer Low Pro GT & durability

So far, the Blazer Low meets all the criteria of a good skate shoe. But the true strength of the model lies in its durability. After several sessions & about 20 hours of street & park skating, the shoe shows only minor signs of wear.

Nike SB Blazer Low Pro GT Wear Test

The suede upper is still as good as new, only the Swoosh has lost some substance. A few seams near the eyelets have gone, but without affecting the shape or stability of the shoe. The vulcanized trim is a bit worn off and the profile of the sole is only affected in the region of the front foot.

Nike SB Blazer Low Pro GT Wear Test

Normally, I tend to rip laces frequently – which annoys me quite a bit. Even in this regard, the Blazer Low does a good job. During the test, I only had to change one lace. I’m sure I can skate the Nike SB Blazer another 20 hours, if not longer.

Nike SB Blazer Low Pro GT Wear Test


The Nike SB Blazer Low Pro GT has convinced me all along the line. Although I was critical about the model for a long time, I would recommend it to all skaters who like to skate low shoes. The Blazer Low is extremely durable despite its narrow silhouette and gets the best out of its simple construction. In addition, there is the reasonable price-performance ratio. A real workhorse that in my eyes is suitable for all types of skating.


  • Perfect, snug fit
  • Ideal flick & control
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Durability


  • Break-In period


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