July 2018

Hardcover, glossy paper and 160 pages of pure skateboarding. We present the Pocket Mag Vol. 1 & its background in detail. Get it now in the shop or for free with every order exceeding 200 €.

Even though skateboarding is getting faster by the day and new content is being put on the web every second via Instagram and Co., the aesthetic of printed content is still an integral part of the scene. The new Pocket Mag Vol. 1 starts right there and brings you 160 pages of skateboarding in the form of trips, interviews, documentaries, and a large gallery.

What’s inside the Pocket mag Vol. 1?

Wheter it’s the Pocket Crew trip to LA, a detailed interview with Denny Pham, or the Primitive Team Trip through Europe & Asia, the book brings you a tons of content and individual content, such as a column by Thomas Gentsch alongside a high quality gallery. The Pocket Mag Vol. 1 offers everything you need for a cozy afternoon on the couch.

  • Pocket Mag Vol. 1 | Print Issue
  • Pocket Mag Vol. 1 | Print Issue
  • Pocket Mag Vol. 1 | Print Issue

In short: The perfect reading when it rains, the session is over, or if you need a last impulse to grab yourself a deck. get inspired by interesting content and high quality photographs from and about skaters like Willow, Jan Hofmann, Miles Silvas, Dan Leung, Aaron Herrington, and many more. A book that invites you to browse through it and that sparks lots of love and passion – to the medium of print and skateboarding itself.

If you want to hold the book in your hands and read it, you can order the Pocket Mag Vol. 1 now online at the skatedeluxe shop or simply add it to your basket for free with every order exceeding 200 €*.

*as long as stock lasts!

Let’s talk about the Pocket Mag | Quick 3 with Johannes Schön:

Congratulations on the first hardcover book! Was it difficult to get a decent print product done today?


Thank you so much! It was quite a trip until we were allowed to hold the finished book in our hands. We tested several print manufacturers, because we were very keen to ensure the best possible quality. In the end, we found what we were looking for at a printing company in Germany, which has been awarded for its print several times in a row.

Burny was there during the print took place and personally approved each sheet and only released it, after he ensured all the colors were 100% perfect for him. The choice of paper was also very important to him. All in all a process with a lot of love for details. Of course there’ve been a few problems here and there but without it would be boring.

What is the concept behind Pocket Mag Vol. 1 and what content do you really wanted to have in the first issue?


We want the book to be perceived as a whole rather than as individual segments. The content fits together well. Our trip to Los Angeles was to be the main content of the book as it was our first big project and we are really happy with the outcome.

Although we are a European medium, a mix of content from around the world was important to us; that goes for both the skaters and the photographers. We are proud to have a high quality international portfolio of contributors. But it would be unfair to name only a few because we are proud of each one.

To conclude: Can we look forward to further issues or printed products from Pocket remain the exception?

Somehow both is true. We are planning 2 books per year. How exactly these will look like is not yet certain. We leave all possibilities open and let our readers be curious. We thank everyone, who supported us so far on this trip and believed in us and the Pocket Mag!

Read more interesting information and background stories about the mag and the guys behind it in our detailed interview that took place during the online release of the Pocket Mag.

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Pocket: Los Angeles

The trip around the city of Los Angeles is not only captured on pictures in the Pocket Mag Vol. 1, but also as a video by Dennis Ludwig. Red curbs, yellow hydrants, school yards with perfect picnic tables and benches and countless spots of your favorite skate videos – this city is an absolute paradise for skateboarders. The Pocket Mag boys grabbed the most talented German skaters, packed them in a van and visited the iconic spots in the City of Angels.


"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!" - H.S.T.